31 de maio de 2014

004 11:01, 04 mai '14

All this space is like an entire city in a dazzle. Everything is as quiet as it could not possibly be, but it is. You walk past a street lamp and you see many tiny squares reflecting yellow light. They grow bigger when you come forward and smaller as you go going backwards. If you get to the part where iron collumns hang from beneath the floor, you can see roses coming up it, coming all upon it, hugging it. Theres also this aspect: you get to walk around the grounds and, as I said, you might be dazzled by it, but at the very second you feel completely unfulfilled by it, by its limited corners, you are always welcome to look into the skies, you know, and you could see, like, pretty perfectly, white sparkly dots in a very black background. You might also get to see two or three yellow sparkly dots in the sky, and as you get your attention closer at it, you might find its actually helicopters, planes, space ships, or anything other than celestial bodies. Also, they move. Thats how you recognize them too. If they were strictly sprung in time, then, maybe, you would not sense the difference. They move, as I move as well. As I clearly hear my steps on these grounds, I clearly see that exactly as for now a helicopter has perfectly alligned the three maries. It is also convincent to think that, as of this second, theyre absolutely four maries. Maybe that could be divine intervention. Or not. Or its simply mere chance. I sense that there is something not exactly wrong about today, but strange at least. Im not being able to communicate exactly. But communication is like passing through a street lamp that reflects lots of tiny little squares freshed by yellow light. If you stop underneath it, it becomes a big square in the sky. But as you go on, you can see that slowly it becomes a lozenge. Then, any kind of quadrangle, until it suddenly disappears because the lines are too thin to make a polygon. Im not standing underneath today, Im just passing and as I pass the lines do not form absolutely nothing. Soon Imma be underneath a street lamp again. And than Ill communicate alright.